samedi, août 2

A qui je ressemble ? / I look Like who ? by MyHeritage

Obviously, DD Ra my avatar seems to be an expression of my feminine self...
A l'évidence, DD Ra mon avatar semble l'expression de la partie féminien de moi-même...

... a least for this site / ...pour ce site en tout cas :
MyHeritage: Celebrity Collage

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mardi, mai 13

Le Jardin d'Eden

samedi, mai 10

Second Life™ presentation Machinima

"The first-ever Congressional hearing on virtual worlds took place on April 1 in Washington। Linden Lab® CEO Philip Rosedale testified before the House Subcommittee on Telecommunications and the Internet। As part of his presentation, Mr। Rosedale presented a seven-minute machinima produced by Silver and Goldie।"

QUOTE from Silver and Goldie's website.
Silver and Goldie were the acclaimed winners of the 2006 Machinima trailer contest for Second Life organised by Linden Lab

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